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New clients

For new projects I only accept clients with a recognised budget. That means you must know how much you have to spend on your website/digital project, and are willing to disclose this.

Any costs associated with payments made via a third party (i.e. PayPal, registration, marketing, etc.) will need to be settled by the client in addition to the invoiced cost.

All projects have a non-refundable deposit which is 30% of any quoted service.
This is to ensure availability, and honour your commitment to the project's success.

Typical projects

Usability audits (ux, ui)
— w3 accessibility.

Static builds (html, css)
— 1 to 3 pages per working day.

Designs (criteria gathering, samples)
— 1 or 2 concepts per working day.

Special rates

I especially enjoy working with emerging artists and artisans and am open to lowering my fees.

I'm also into bartering if your product or service is of direct relevance to my needs so get in touch if you think I'll bite.